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1. Pre-Launch progress and update .....(( Please Read ))

 Things are starting to move along and are first priorities are getting a video on the website and having our post card mailers designed and better yet our post card mailing system put into action! We have confidence that the post card mailing system will be an easy way for everyday people to succeed with this business. We also plan to open the Gold Plan very soon as we are about a month into pre-launch and everyone is ready to start raking in the BIG MONEY with our 100% check matching bonuses.  GET READY FOR A HUGE 2017 !  ----From Employment To Empowerment ----

16 Apr 2017 (16 Apr 2017)

2. Starting Pre-Launch Monday!

 We will be starting our Pre-Launch Monday! Registration forms will be open for everyone to sign up. We will be accepting payment and processing payouts during our pre-launch. Getting ready for a HUGE LAUNCH!


From Employment to Empowerment

17 Mar 2017 (17 Mar 2017)

3. Moving forward!

Despite the medical issues I have been dealing with the past couple weeks, we are still making progress. A bulk of the major aspects are completed. We are currently working with merchant accounts / banks to secure the best credit card processing available. This is a tedious process , but we have found the company we plan to use and will be moving forward soon. Other than that, we just have some design upgrades I would like to make, and more testing to run as well as some other small things needed before we go live. Thank you all for your patience and look forward to a BRIGHT FUTURE with Webokane! 

From Employment To Empowerment

13 Oct 2016 (13 Oct 2016)

4. Closer and Closer...

 We are getting closer and closer each day. We been planning our product marketing, compensation plan development and we are very excited about where the future is going to bring us! I have worked very hard to create an amazing system that is fair to everyone. A unique program that rewards that hard-worker's while also providing incentive for people to help the struggling marketer making it much easier for the strugglers to earn amazing profits as well. A well-rounded amazing system is difficult to create, And I am very happy to announce the beginning of Webokane! 

                                    WEB OKANE 

From Employment to Empowerment

4 Aug 2016 (4 Aug 2016)

5. Getting closer

 We are getting closer to our beta launch. We expect to be fully ready within 30 days 

31 Jul 2016 (31 Jul 2016)

6. Testing News


29 Jul 2016 (29 Jul 2016)