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Join us and start making that dummy money!

Matrix For Dummies allows you to turn $20 into $3,000

If you are a marketing dummy like myself, this may be the perfect business for you  

1. Buy a $20 life-time membership with access to tons of learning modules, books and more.

2. Make 2 sales ( That's ALL you need to do )

3. Help them make 2 sales and teach them to do the same  




A matrix is just a fancy word for "Environment where something develops", it is commonly used in the internet marketing industry to describe a specific type of payplan.This payplan is very easy for an affiliate to make money with because it creates help from the person who invited you into the business and everyone above him. Everyone is limited to the number of sales they can have directly below them, the rest of your sales will still make you money but also fall under someone on your team making them money as well. 

1. We offer an offline postcard mailing system that is easy to duplicate and teach to newbies. ( There are TONS of prospects offline! ) Do not just grow your business online.

2. Our simple payplan encourages team support and upgrades! This means more profit in your account! 


With minimal effort you can easily earn a P/T or even a F/T income. Our leads and postcards can help you build your online business while earning an excellent monthly income at the same time! It's a win-win situation. 

Anyone you enroll into your team stays with you and follows you into the other plans available. Our payplan is a fast filling 2x4 "step matrix" and allows you to start out with $20 and earn $3,060. We also offer a $22 plan, that serves as an additional stream of income to help you make more money




They say timing is everything.. But, being a part of something HUGE , before it becomes HUGE is what makes people fortunes. 



We designed Matrix For Dummies so everyone can make money. You don't have to be a marketing guru for this to work! 

Web Money was designed for the little guy to make big money! You simply get started and make two sales. Your team will begin to grow as your referrals do the same. As your team grows , you will benefit form the leverage of everyone above you and below you. Our compensation plan is one of the most lucrative plans on the internet. Our products are equally as AMAZING and you can see all of our products on our products page. 

Our products and membership benefits help you build ANY online business!

We provide a platform that allows you to market other businesses in your back office while earning a residual income at the same time. . If you struggle with marketing online , we have a postcard mailing system that you can put into action and watch your team grow QUICKLY! 

Let us show you how our system can work for you

Don't let past experiences with programs that never worked deter you from joining us. We're here to help everyone that joins us build a stable income online.


The most interesting products!

Tons of digital products with "private label rights" many which include the sales letter, website and all you need to sell them. , and and leads for direct mail or opt-in leads at below wholesale rates!

It's Your Time To Shine! 

Start cashing in on the efforts of other people! With our payplan you will break even very quickly and see your team grow FAST with the help from your upline and downline. Using both our online and offline marketing systems like our postcard mailing system will help you build even faster! We put the power in your hands and even HELP YOU make the best of it. 

Business For Anyone!

The average person doesn't know how to build "Sales Funnels" or utilize PPC ad campaigns or blah blah blah.. So we created a business for normal people and help you get extraordinary results.We don't just give you tools , we give you a plan of action and the tools to get the job done. 

What's so special about us compared to other programs?


Message from the owner


I am the head dummy here at Matrix For Dummies and I am very happy to offer a simple business for everybody out there that just isn't good at marketing or making money online. If you anything like me you probably have spent a small fortune trying to create financial freedom for you and your family. I bought so many courses from "guru's" and tried just about everything under the sun, and after 15+ years realized I was just horrible at marketing and advertising. I understand that I am not alone. In fact, the majority of people are just like me so I created a business with a payplan that is pretty simple to explain and understand. And, if you stick our 3 step rule you will succeed, however you MUST stick to this 3 step rule.   

Step 1- Is buy a $20 membership. Step 2- is simply make 2 sales. ( EVeryone should be able to find JUST 2 people to spend $20 on a ton of learning modules, digital books, videos and more ) Step 3 - Help them make 2 sales, and teach them to do the follow the exact same 3 step rule. When 2 become 4, that become 8 that become 16 you make $3,060! And get 10 more new spots in Level 1 , sorta like starting up 10 new franchises. That's a pretty good payplan . I was in sales my entire life and often worked 60 hours a week. If I worked 60 hours a week applying this formula I will probably make a fortune. And, I want to see many of you take advantage of this opportunity and do exactly that!  



Dillon Kreider  

Founder & Owner