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Follow a simple plan and achieve powerful results!

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We spent months developing a way for people to generate a lucrative income online. With Web Money we designed a multi-functional platform that allows you to start building a team very quickly! We just launched and have paid out thousands in commissions already! We have a tri-fecta matrix hybrid that creates an unlimited earning potential. Building your business is simple. Make two sales, and help them make two sales. It's that easy. I'm so pumped up about our compensation plan, I forgot to mention that we sell a robust online marketing system with a TON of tools ranging from lead capture pages to your very own voicemail and email inbox. We offer a package for everyone , with our lowest being ONLY a one-time fee of $22.00. This allows you to reach more people and increase sales as they upgrade to our higher packages. If you have been waiting on a solid home business that will be here for the haul , We welcome you to join the Web Money Team! 




Webokane is pronounced "Web-Oo-Con-Eee" and Okane means money is japanese.This business was built by internet marketers for internet marketers. You have access to some of the best marketing services online , while being able to earn a residual income in the process. If you struggled at promoting online businesses before , don't worry this opportunity was designed EXACTLY for you. Below are two reasons are affiliates do well.

1. We offer an offline postcard mailing system that is easy to duplicate and teach to newbies. ( There are TONS of prospects offline! ) Do not just grow your business online.

2. Our three-in-one payplan encourages team support and upgrades! This means more profit in your account! 


With minimal effort you can easily earn a P/T or even a F/T income. Our leads and marketing platform can help you build any online business while earning an ongoing monthly income at the same time! It's a win-win situation. 

Anyone you enroll into your team stays with you and follows you into the other plans available. Our Gold Plan is currently our highest availabe package and is only $100 a month. And, you can earn that back with the first 6 people in your organization. We even offer a $22 plan, that serves as a "feeder" and allows anyone to get started and make enough money to upgrade to the higher plans.  




They say timing is everything.. But, being a part of something HUGE , before it becomes HUGE is what makes people fortunes. 



We designed three payplans we call the STAR nET which means "Shared Team And Referral NETwork. 

Web Money was designed for the little guy to make big money! You simply get started and make two sales. Your team will begin to grow as your referrals do the same. As your team grows , you will benefit form the leverage of everyone above you and below you. Our compensation plan is one of the most lucrative plans on the internet. Our products are equally as AMAZING and you can see all of our products on our products page. 

Our products and membership benefits help you build ANY online business!

We provide a platform that allows you to market other businesses in your back office while earning a residual income at the same time. As a Gold member you gain access to a robust marketing platform that will give you the ultimate arsenol in buildiing an online empire. And if you struggle with marketing online , we have a postcard mailing system that you can put into action and watch your team grow QUICKLY! 

Let us show you how our system can work for you

Don't let past experiences with programs that never worked deter you from joining us. We're here to help everyone that joins the Webokane family build a stable income online.


The most interesting products!

Tons of digital products with "private label rights" many which include the sales letter, website and all you need to sell them. A robust online marketing platform with so many tools you have to click on the link below to see them all, and and leads for direct mail or opt-in leads at below wholesale rates!

It's Your Time To Shine! 

Start cashing in on the efforts of other people! With our payplan you will break even very quickly and see your team grow FAST with the help from your upline and downline. Using both our ownline and offline marketing systems like our postcard mailing system will help you build even faster! We put the power in your hands and even HELP YOU make the best of it. 

Business For Anyone!

The average person doesn't know how to build "Sales Funnels" or utilize PPC ad campaigns or blah blah blah.. So we created a business for normal people and help you get extraordinary results.We don't just give you tools , we give you a plan of action and the tools to get the job done. 

What's so special about us compared to other programs?


Message from the owner


I am the founder and owner of Webokane which is pronounced Web-Oh-Con-EE. I am very happy with the services we provide in the way we provide them. Our unique diversified business model is an unique as our name and I look forward to serving the online business community Every entrepreneur online or website owner is in need of traffic, marketing and leads. And webokane provides all of the above! Using our digital products in our library included in the Silver Package allows you to give away a variety of hot selling books and courses to help generate leads, build your list or show customer appreciation. The great thing about all of our products we offer is you can use them to promote and build your current business , plus you could also sell the products in our packages and keep 100% of the profits or become an affiliate and promote Webokane as you main business!  

Our "Shared Team Network" combines the efforts of the company, some of our top producers, your personal efforts and the efforts of those under you and above you in your organization. This creates explosive growth in your organization and wlll help you climb the ladder to success!

When creating our affiliate plan I kept things simple. I did not try to make the next million dollar system. I wanted to create a team network where anyone could build a business and easily earn $2,000 a month. Our "Shared Team And Referral Network" aka STAR nET creates a huge flow of support from people above you in the business including the company, strong marketers, everyone above you in your team upline and so on. This is very attractive for people who struggle to grow a business. Selling leads, and marketing services makes Webokane appealing to anybody looking to build a business.

A majority of people fail with online business opportunties or affiliate marketing because they simply don't know how to advertise, or market and build an organization. So, we went a step above and beyond just providing "tools" for our affiliates. We designed a "Postcard Mailer System" that allows ANYONE to simply mail out postcards every month and watch the sign ups come in. It doesn't matter what country you live in you can still put this offline marketing system into action! At a 3% conversion rate as that is 6 sales for every 200 postcards mailed out, we plan to continue to revise our mailers and flyers to maximize the conversions. It's a SIMPLE  marketing system that is tested and proven to work for countless companies long before us and it is easy to duplicate and put into action by ANYONE

We offer a package for every budget. With our Bronze Package that is ONLY $22 you'll receive unlimited printing rights to a FREE vacation certificate to over 50 destinations and an internet marketing course with modules on traffic generation and email and social media marketing. As an affiliate this package is easy to sell and generates multiple sales from the same customer as they see the benefits and value in our memberships.    



Dillon Kreider  

Founder & Owner