We are just starting our Pre-Launch so the timing is PERFECT!

Here are a few reasons to get started with Webokane today.

Great Products!

Our packages are filled with AWESOME tools to grow ANY online business.

Great Payplan

Our compensation plan was created so you can succeed with little effort

Marketing Tools

We don't just give you tools, We give you a plan to put into action!

Excellent Support

We are committed to providing the best service to our customers and affiliates as possible.

100% Matching Income 

Our Platinum plan pays you 100% check match on EVERY personal referral!

Team work

Our plan was designed to create the maximum results from your team.

Contest and Rewards

We plan to offer daily, weekly and monthly contest with BIG rewards.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff and admin is committed to helping you grow your business. 


We offer three different packages with an entry level for everyone.

We help you learn how to establish multiple streams of income

Webokane literally means "Web-Money." And in addition to our business plan, we also offer an integrated affiliate program marketing system inside your personal back office. This will enable you to create a passive income on auto-pilot as you build your Webokane business. We are here as mentors to share the knowledge we gained over the years. In addition to our own training, and products offered; we plan to provide access to "paid seminars" and "guest speakers" we will literally spend thousands of dollars for. This is a service that will provide excellent knowledge and education that will help you bring yourself and your profit from internet marketing to a new level. You can see exacty what type of seminars we will provide on our products page 

Our products and membership benefits help you build ANY online business!

We provide a platform that allows you to list a business opportunity in your back office and promote it to your team while you earn an income from Webokane. As a Gold member you gain access to a robust marketing platform that will give you the ultimate arsenol in buildiing an online empire. And if you struggle with marketing online , we have a postcard mailing system that you can put into action and watch your team grow QUICKLY! 

Let us show you how our system can work for you

Don't let past experiences with programs that never worked deter you from joining us. We're here to help everyone that joins the Webokane family build a stable income online.


The Most Interesting Products

Tons of digital products with "private label rights" many which include the sales letter, website and all you need to sell them. A robust online marketing platform with so many tools you have to click on the link below to see them all, and we are working on adding a person web-store that comes equipped with our digital products and allows you to keep 100% of the commission or add your own products to the store. It's YOUR store! 

It's Your Time To Shine! 

Start cashing in on the efforts of other people! With our payplan you will break even very quickly and see your team grow FAST with the help from your upline and downline. Using both our ownline and offline marketing systems like our postcard mailing system will help you build even faster! We put the power in your hands and even HELP YOU make the best of it. 

Business For Anyone!

The average person doesn't know how to build "Sales Funnels" or utilize PPC ad campaigns or blah blah blah.. So we created a business for normal people and help you get extraordinary results.We don't just give you tools , we give you a plan of action and the tools to get the job done. 

What's so special about Webokane compared to other

"Online Money Making Programs?"

Message from the owner

Our "Shared Team Network" combines the efforts of the company, some of our top producers, your personal efforts and the efforts of those under you and above you in your organization. This creates explosive growth in your organization and wlll help you climb the ladder to success!

When creating Webokane I kept things simple. I did not try to make the next million dollar system. I wanted to create a team network where anyone could build a business and easily earn $2,000 a month. Our "Shared Team And Referral Network" aka STAR nET creates a huge flow of support from people above you in the business including the company, strong marketers, everyone above you in your team upline and so on. This is very attractive for people who struggle to grow a business. But this opportunity is not an investment, nor will you make a full time income doing nothing at all. You can make money applying a little effort. But, we have a few caps in place to make sure people are doing their part. For example, to earn on the 8th level you must have a minimum 2 personal sales/referrals. By putting small caps like this on income it just generates team work and productivity. 

A majority of people fail with online business opportunties because they simply don't know how to advertise, or market and build an organization. So, we went a step above and beyond just providing "tools" for people. We designed a "Postcard Mailer System" that allows ANYONE to simply mail out postcards every month and watch the sign ups come in. It doesn't matter what country you live in you can still put this offline marketing system into action! At a 3% conversion rate as that is 6 sales every 200 postcards, we plan to continue to revise our mailers and flyers to maximize the conversions. It's a SIMPLE "Turn Key" business that is tested and proven to work for countless companies long before us. 

On top of our system that is easy to duplicate and teach your team to do. We have three packages with our Silver Package starting at just $40; making it affordable for just about ANYONE.

In addition, anyone you enroll will follow you and be placed under you regardless what part of the network you are in. If you are already a Platinum member, all of your Silver & Gold referrals that upgrade to Platinum will follow you and be placed under you. And once you are in the Platinum network you earn a HUGE 100% check match on EVERY personal referral no matter where they land below you. This makes your earning potential AMAZING and gives everyone goals to set and reach for as they progress through the Webokane system. 



Dillon Kreider  

Founder & Owner