Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the name of this business mean?

(Web)Okane means "Money" in Japanese, hence WebOkane means WebMoney.

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2. How long have you been in business?

Webokane is a start-up company , however our team has decades of experience in this industry and management. 

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3. Where are you located?

Webokane operates from a cloud office. We have no physical inventory and a majority of work can be outsourced to people all over. We may establish virtual offices around the world, and even a physical office when we reach a stage which requires it. 

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4. What is the companies mission and objective?

Webokane is dedicated to helping  people earn a realistic income online. I've struggled for years trying to "crack the code" so to speak, at generating an income you can live on from home at your computer. Despite what the guru's may teach you, It's not as easy as it sounds. When I created Webokane I wanted to create a very simple process that struggling entrepreneurs could put to work and make a consistent income with the ability to earn way more than the average. 

  So many people make it sound like making money online is a breeze , and like it come's natural for them. That wasn't the case for me. And if you are anything like me, You have probably spent a small fortune , just trying to make an above average income online. From 1998 until about 2007 I met one failure after the next, finally I started a publications company in 2007 and started doing pretty good. I understand how it is to struggle and I am here for you if you need help. If so please contact me personally. I will be very busy over the first 6 months of our launch , but will do my best to respond as quickly as possible. Simply, place "Forward to Dillon" in the subject like on the contact form when you click on "Contact" above. 

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5. How does the income system work?

You can read how our compensation plan works on the payplan page. If you have any questions please contact us. 

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6. What methods of payment do you accept?

We will be accepting Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Payza and Solid Trust Pay. The same options will be available for affiliate commission payouts with checks and bank wire being a possibility depending on the amount and situation. We are also working to add a debit card for commission payouts.

 Our main preferred payment of choice is Payza or Solid Trust Pay.

To sign up for a Solid Trust Pay account if you do not have one you can click on the link below 


To sign up for a Payza account click on the link below 


For bitcoin we recommend CoinPayments as that is the merchant we use. They allow you to create wallets for almost every coin there is and multiple fiat currencies and paypal passthru. To sign up for a free account click on the link below  



If you do not have an account with any of the above or can not use a credit card for some reason, you can always use an exhcange provider after creating an account. STP and Payza are fairly quick with funding and Bitcoin accounts have numerous sites that allow you to buy bitcoin amost every way possible. If you are having troubles making payment please contact us and we will figure something out.



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7. If I'm unable to make my payment does my account get cancelled?

We have a 7 day grace period that your account will be in "expiration/expired" mode if you do not make payment. Your account will show as "Active" during this time frame. Once this period stops , you risk losing your positon in the system . Once your account is past the monthly expiration date (1 month past the day you paid or last made payment ) , you can click on the Upgrade link in left menu bar and it will prompt you to make the payment for that payplan/package

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8. Why does it show referrer and sponsor in my members area?

Your referrer is the person who actually signed you up, or referred you to the business. Your sponsor is the person you were placed under on their team. 

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9. How should I add my info in the "Programs" section

You add your referral URL for that business with the %tag% in place of your username or ID , than you input your username or ID in the field below .. This allows your referrals to sign up directly from your personalized wesbite and place their username the same way you did . 

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10. Why is it showing someone else as my sponsor at the bottom page?

You need to go into your browsers history settings and clear your cookies and other site plugin data, cached images and files, and app data. This is a common issue with many browsers and clearing your cookies alone does not always fix the issue. You do not have to clear your autofill form data, or passwords. This may also happen in your members area when you update your profile it may auto insert a password which you currently used (even though a password is not required to update your profile) So it is a good thing to check and make sure it is blank before you click the update button.  

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11. Why do my commissions show as "pending"?

 We have a 2 day period where all commissions are remain in pending status to insure the transaction goes through without any issues, refunds , chargebacks or any other issue that may arise. 

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