If you are seeking to build a business and struggling to generate leads you came to the right place. We deal with a number of great lead providers and buy in such large quantities that we can pass on tremendous savings to consumers buying leads in small amounts.

 We offer premium leads that are fresh and have recently expressed an interest in business opportunities. We offer email leads and leads for mail order marketing. Our email leads are opt-in leads and come with first and last name and email in comma seperated format so they can easily be exported into an email sending program or excel.  

These people are income opportunity seekers who have recently requested information on an income opportunity by mail and will include the full name and complete mailing address in format easy to print onto labels. Our leads are fresh and requested info on income opportunities within the past 30 days. Below are the prices for our packages...


For Direct Mail Leads you can order the following packages. All direct mail leads are 100% deliverable and we will refund 50 cents for every undeliverable lead returned within 60 days from the date of your order. All "opportunity seekers" have requested information within the last 30 days on MLM programs , work from home offers and general income opportunities. These are perfect for our postcard mailing system and we are able to pass down the savings on quality leads to you. Allowing you to be able to buy in smaller amounts and get the same price as if you were buying in bulk. And, we will constanty work to improve our prices and packages offered.  

1. 250- $25    

2. 500- $50    

3. 1250-$100  

Our email leads are Opt-In live prospects for email promotions of MLM and money-making business opportunities of all types. They are excellent prospects for all types of income opportunities, business opportunities, network marketing programs, work-from-home offers, internet marketing and online opportunities

Opt-in email leads with first and last name and email addresses 

1. 1000- $50    

2. 2250- $100 




      One Time $22 

 Receive unlimited printing to a FREE Vacation Certificate with over 52 destinations that you can offer to customers or use asan incentive for prospects and to help you generate leads. You are even free to sell this certificate to other businesses , like Real Estate Companies, Auto Dealers , Sales companies and more so they can use them for lead generation or gifts for customer appreciation. In addition to this Free Vacation Certificate you also gain access to our internet marketing course that contains email marketing , video marketing , affiliate marketing and social media marketing modules.

Our Bronze Package is only a one-time $22



     $40 Monthly Subscription 

We offer hundreds of current software and e-books with master resell rights, meaning you can sell them and keep 100% of the profit and you can also use a large portion to give away to prospects to help generate leads, or build your mailing list and they make great gifts for customer appreciation. These digital products will be in available instantly and packages will increase as we add to our package regularly. We will add descriptions & pictures to this page as soon as our shopping cart is added to the website where you will be able to earn 100% of the profits on ANY sale of these digital products. Many of these courses, books, software come with a pre-built website , sales letter and marketing material and with little technical experience you could have a website for an individual product or create bundles yourself. 

    $100 Monthly Subscription

If you are looking for a robust online marketing platform that includes all the tools you need to build and grow and online business you will love the main product included in our the Gold Package. We also plan to send 150 postcards to our US affiliates that subscribe to our Gold Package. ( The postcards will begin being mailed out after a minimum of 90 days after launch and us performing test mailings to insure the highest conversion rates.. Which we'll be adding our Gold affiliate subscribers to a URL rotator in some mailings so they share in the results and benefits during these test mailings.)

 Business Builder Platform 



  • Lead Capture Pages    
  • Capture Page Creator - Build your own personal Lead Capture Page in minutes!
  • Contact Manager - This wonderful contact manager allows you to capture info on all your prospects, separate teams , utilize a calender, import contacts from a variety of sources and much more
  • Marketing Website 
  • SmartSender 
  • Training Boot Camp 
  • Video Presentations
  • Activity Tracker 
  • Warm Market Wizard 
  • Customizable About Me Page 
  • Ad Link Generator 
  • Flyers
  • Online Banners 
  • Email Campaigns - Equipped with several pre-wrtten emails designed to convert 
  • Marketing Materials 
  • Training Materials 
  • Email Inbox - Personal email address to manage , organize and touch base with contacts
  • Calendar & Task List 
  • Email Broadcasting Tool 
  • Video Creator
    Create, upload or use YouTube videos with our incredible Video Creator!
  • Custom Domain 
  • Aweber Integration  
  • Email Support



  COMING SOON.......... $200 Monthly Subscription 

Within 6 months of our launch we will begin hosting exclusive monthly seminars and paying professionals from a wide scope of entrepreneur related industries with a majority being related to internet marketing and building an online business to provide training sessions to our Platinum members. 


Some Examples 

- Motivational and Inspirational Speakers

- Sales Training ( Lead generation, closing deals, negotiating, goal setting ect. ) 

- Internet Marketing ( Pay-Per Click, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media )

- Niche Industries ( E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Import & Export, ect )

- Much more .... We will record these monthly seminars that would normally cost an individual thousands of dollars so you can have unlimited access.


Advanced tools Business Builder Platform 


       All the tools included in our Gold Package and the following   

  • Text Message Marketing (SMS) 
    200 text msgs/month included
  • Web Meeting - Your own 50 person room for your team meetings
  • Live Phone Support 
  • Conference Bridge -Personal 99 person conference bridge with ability to record, email and post your recordings. 
  • Audio Creator - 
  • Traffic Rotator - Great for running co-op ad campiagns with your team
  • Customized Team Sharing - Customize all content from videos to emails. Excellent for team leaders 
  • Toll-free Voicemail - Your own personal toll-free voicemail